Cheaters Never Enter the Hall of Fame

The Major League Baseball hall Of Fame is one of sports most coveted privileges. It is a privilege because no matter how many home runs you hit, how many batting titles you hold or how many championships you have won, how many Cy Young’s you won, or how many MVP’s you have, you may still never get a chance to be a part of it. There are only three hundred and ten people selected into the hall of fame since the beginning. To get into the hall of fame you have to be exceptional on the diamond and off the diamond. You have to stand out with your performance on the diamond. Many people say there is a minimum number of hits or strike out you have to obtain.

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SO why is it that stand out athletes who have broken tons of records don’t get elected into the club? Only active and honorary members of the Baseball Writers Association of America who have been active baseball writers for ten years or better are even eligible to vote.The BBWAA will appoint a screening committee of six members to prepare the balloting list in alphabetical order, an elector will then vote for no more than ten candidates. The candidates must meet the certain requirements. They must have been active in the league for at least 15 years, have not been playing in the league for at least five years before the election,and last but not least any player on baseballs ineligible list will not be eligible, this includes those on the list for betting on baseball or steroid use.

So will Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds be elected to the Hall of Fame? No. Although they are eligible by the rules placed by the hall of fame. Well Barry Bonds might make it. He was not convicted of using steroids but the baseball world still does not forgive him. Roger Clemens is almost in the same boat only he has never tested positive either. He only admitted to the use of steroids which gave him a bad name. Each of these athletes have been standout performers in the league for over 15 years and have broken numerous records some that may be impossible to surpass. The only thing stopping them is the notion of cheating.

Nobody likes a cheater, and since the Hall Of Fame is elected by people and not a machine, people will always have that taste in the back of their mouth about them. The stellar careers of two great players may be all a lost and a waste of exciting moments if they do not get into the hall of fame. If not Barry Bonds, then who deserves it? As long as neither of them do any baseball betting, there are some who hope to see Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens elected into the Major league Baseball Hall Of Fame.