Casinos & Sportsbooks Grow Ahead Of Olympic Games

Inside Games For The Games

The Olympics have literally been a big deal for centuries now, and it is not hard to see why. Now everyone wants to get in on some of the action, though, and what better way to do that than at a Casino. Is that legal in Las Vegas? Well for the most part, and it is pretty much the only place you can do it legally. Popularity for such an activity has been growing in recent years too.

Olympic Bets Growing Over Time

Not that long ago, the National Gaming Commission for Indians released new information, showing that gross income from gaming revenue among the tribal casinos added up to $29.9 Billion last year alone. That is a 5% increase over 2014 and the biggest jump in better than ten years! Tough that 5% is nothing to the total growth since 2012, which was about double that before 2016. The growth and stability in the Casino industry have had a lot of positive effects on top of that. As you can imagine, employment went up heavily in areas with Casinos and other gambling venues.

Las Vegas Is In On The Action Too

Sportsbooks in Las Vegas have really been ramping up the efforts to improve patron experience ahead of the Olympics in Rio too. It was just last year that the Gaming Control Board in Nevada approved Sportsbooks to accept bets on the Olympic Games, and it is really obvious as to why. There is money to be had, and money to be won. Of course, that means that there is money to be lost as well, but that is just the risk taken to gamble. The original ban came back in 2001 when betting on college sports was at its height. Since then, precautions have been put in place to make sure some less savory incidents do not happen with the Olympic Games. It is better to bet safely or not to bet at all it seems.

What Bets Are Likely To Be Made

Though all twenty-eight sports were approved for bets, it is mainly men’s basketball that will likely get the most attention. The sport has been on a hot run as of late, and the Olympic Games are likely only going to intensify the popularity of the sport. That and most venues are likely going to be taking bets on stuff like fencing, or rowing tournaments. Sorry if you thought that was a good idea. At least now you can legally make a bet on the Olympics, at the right venue of course.