Can Lebron Lead the Cavs to Victory?

Sports in Cleveland often a touchy subject. Undoubtedly Cleveland, Ohio has some of the most loyal fans in the country but going decades without a championship title from just one of their sports teams tends to take its toll after a while. It’s safe to say Clevelanders have a love/hate relationship with its professional sports teams.

A little more than a decade ago that all changed when a then 18-year-old a kid from Akron, Ohio named Lebron James joined the Cleveland Cavaliers as a first round pick in 2003 NBA draft. Cleveland fans were beyond excited to have this young hopeful as a member of their beloved Cavaliers. It seemed that Cleveland sports were on pace for an epic comeback and would snag the elusive NBA Championship Title.

Lebron didn’t disappoint. He led the Cavs to their first appearance at the NBA Finals in 2007. The city and the league alike were all abuzz and, though the Cavs were clear underdogs, they’d made it as far as Cleveland fans were concerned.

Unfortunately, the Kevin Garnett-led Boston Celtics in the 2007 NBA Finals swept the Cavaliers. Some fans lamented about Lebron’s lackluster finals performance while others argued that the entire team could not be carried on Lebron’s back. In the months following their Finals appearance there was speculation that Lebron would possibly leave the team as he was technically an unrestricted free agent. That summer Lebron announced he was taking his talents to South Beach and signed a contract with the Miami Heat, leading them to two NBA Titles.

In 2014, the City of Cleveland welcomed Lebron James back with open arms as flashbacks of fan outrage faded into the background. Upon his return for the 2014-2015 season, the Cavaliers got off to a rather slow start and there was speculation that James was washed up and had given his best years and efforts to the Heat. Eventually the Cavs gained momentum and went on to have a stellar season that led them to the NBA Finals once again. The Cavs were matched up against the Golden State Warriors who ultimately won the title. Key Cavaliers players were injured and forced to sit out for the postseason and the second-string players comprised most of The Finals starting lineup. This turned out to be an uneven matchup against the Warriors. Leborn was still hailed as the greatest player in the NBA to have led the Cavs that far. Yet the questions still remain. Can he do it again? Will the Cavaliers finally be able to walk away with the Championship Title?

With the pre-season over, the Cavs will play their first regular season game on October 30, 2015 and NBA betting will be in full swing. James’ health is sometimes questionable and he is often seen receiving physical therapy for back problems during practices but he assures us he is ready to play and ready to win. With Kevin Love, JR Smith and Kevin Love back healthy, it’s quite possible that the Cavs will take it all this year.