Can Drones Help Sports Teams Practice?

DroneThe next big thing in the sports world is using drones to record sports teams practice so that they can help them see what needs to be changed and improved at practice. College and Pro teams will especially be using whatever technology they can to give them an edge against the other teams. Using a drone to record practices gives them access to visuals and angles that they cannot get from the ground. Up above the team, they can see everything and can gain a new perspective that they are unable to get any other way. It also allows the cameras to be able to see much more up close and personal and see details up so close that they are able to see every little move each player makes.

You have to wonder how all this new technology will affect sports gambling online and online sports betting at the casinos because this new use of technology is going to make sports in general, a lot more competitive. Coach Jason Garrett of the Dallas Cowboys says it really helps to get behind the players and see all eleven men on defense and all eleven men on offensive and see up close what is going on. They are not able to do this with the video recorders they are using on the sidelines. It also helps with details such as how they are standing, turning, placement of their feet, hands, bodies, and how they are using them to make the best moves, throws, catches, and blocks. It also helps them to see how they can perform faster and either get to their opponent faster or get away from them faster. Let’s face it, it just gives them that little bit of edge that can make the difference to win. Add all those little edges together and they become large jumps to win and eventually take the Super Bowl at the end of the season.

The next step is 3D-three dimensional filming of practices which the Atlanta Falcons are already looking at as a benefit to their players so they are able to see what they did in practice from every prospective. They previously used GPS tracking to monitor performance and see how each player was working out. In 2011 they also tried heart rate monitors to use on their players to see what peak efficiency times were and how they handled workloads so they could decide out how they could best recover from injuries. With online sports betting being as big as it is, every little edge counts. As sports gambling online has become huge in the sports world, there are millions on the line for every game, so they expect the newest in technology to be used and to help them win at whatever cost there is.

The next question that has come up is what laws and controls should be put into place for the use of these drones? The FCC is looking at specific laws to control the use of drones so that they don’t interfere with planes and helicopters that are flying in the sky. They are also worried about what things people might be using them for and that the amount of drones flying in the air could become a problem and get out of control.