Broadcast Fees with Racecourse Media Group

Racehorse Media GroupRacecourse Media Group has recently released information on their newest media rights. They have recently paid out 80 million pounds to 34 syndicated United Kingdom racetracks. This information is rather significant for several reasons.

The first reason that this is so significant is because this number shows an 8% increase over the media pay-outs that were generated from the licensing fees of racing broadcast owners in 2014.
Some of these owners include Turf TV, Racing UK, Bet2View Streams, GBI Racing, Channel 4 Racing and Racecourse Data Company. The changes in cost can speak a lot to the changes that exist within certain companies as well as changes in the overall economy over a period of time.

The other major significance that becomes obvious with the release of these kinds of numbers is critical insight into specific data. This data takes on many different forms and will be useful to different groups of people.

This new data includes the fact that there was an increase in race video-streams that were generated from the bet to view from 5108 million in 2014 to 60.3 million. This alone is a very significant increase for the racing world. Another piece of data that has some impressive ramifications is the fact that the license fee payments made from GBI Racing to RMG increased from 7.6 million pounds to 7.8 million pounds. Considering that Israel has no history with racing, this is very notable information.

The data that has been released by Racecourse Media Group also allows for some fairly accurate predictions to be made about the future over the next few years. The Racecourse Media Group CEO, Richard FitzGerald, believes that licensing fees will continue to increase, reaching 100 million pounds by 2019. Part of this increase is credited to the many new technologies that are constantly being marketed and how these new technologies influence the sport of racing.

Racecourse Media Group has already demonstrated an impressive ability to put these new technologies to work for them. They have just launched the Racing UK HD which gives fans of racing a picture quality never offered before and allows the sport to be shown in extreme detail. They have also introduced the Going to Post streaming that allowed the company to reach surprisingly high numbers of new viewers from the Dubai World Cup.

The financial activity that is being reported on for Racecourse Media Group is important to watch over the coming months and years. Their activity is a great way to monitor the activity of the racing world and how the fans react to the many changes that are sure to come their way as technology constantly changes and the racing world works to follow and adapt to these changes.