Bowling to Be a Sport in 2020 Olympics

Bowling has been a comical gig in numerous movies and TV shows but it has increasingly grown in popularity over the years and taken seriously. Recently, it was announced that tenpin bowling will be included in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics along with numerous other sports such as karate, wushu, squash, among many more. The sport has generated a lot of talk because people question if it is really fit to be a sport in the Olympics but there are many reasons behind why the sport of tenpin bowling is a great sport.

Although there are many people who disagree with this decision to include tenpin bowling, the reality is that tenpin bowling is more of a sport than many of the other current sports in the games. Unlike most sports, it is actually a worldwide recognzied sport. It is played in many countries from the U.S., to Japan, India, South Africa, and so forth. Although the languages are different, the game is the same and it is internationally recognized. Globally, people know how to play it and can enjoy it unlike some of the other eurocentric themed sports.

Another aspect is that it is legitimately a competitive sport. Some sports in the Olympics are just based on “who can do the same activity the best according to the judges” but with bowling, there is an actual incentive. You play against other teams. You are directly trying to beat them and win. There is a unique scoring to this game which definitely helps.

Bowling has been a drug-free sport since its conception. Unlike many other sports, drugs really do not help athletes win. While the key to success in most other sports is strength and endurance, tenpin bowling relies on coordination and experience. This reduces drama and the fear of “cheaters”, making the sport much easier to engage in and enjoy. In fact, many disabled people are able to play tenpin bowling because of this and is actually already included in the Special Olympics.

Overall, the sport is quite inclusive and fun. Its inclusion to the Games has been talked about for years and it finally has happened but these are just some of the reasons why it actually makes a good sport. While the Games adopts this new sport, this means that some older ones have to go, however, this addition is worth it. It is not the stereotypical sport you would imagine training years for but it is still just as entertaining.