Bovada Has Much to Offer

Bovada, essentially a child of and powered by Bogdog was born in December of 2011. Their name is literally the a combination of Bogdog and Nevada, this is almost an homage to the first state to legalize online gaming. It is noteworthy that this all began with a software company, and may be part of the key to the instant and quick success of Bovada. While still a software company, they were one of the very few and first engines to support and make online betting a reality, that was all the way back in 1998. That “key” to the aforementioned success has perhaps something to do with them being in on the ground floor of the first electronic transactions that made online wagering possible. Being the first, however, is not a first for this company.

Although Bovada is a relatively new player in the online betting and sporting arena, the software behind Bovada is the first of its kind, and is still the source code they operate on today. Recalling those first online betting sites, eSportz was the software that was utilized then, and after some twisting and winding legalities it just so happens that Bovada essentially won the right to keep eSportz code and are now the only ones who have it. This platform allows Bovada to incorporate basically any software program into their site, like Betsoft or Real Time Gaming among other software developing companies who have worked with Bovada.

The technology, history and experience that actually lies behind what is today known Bovada is likely the primary reasons behind the explosive growth from 2011 to today. The original founder who is accredited for the existence of Bogdog and then Bovada was a huge believer in branding, and part of that theology is still seen in how Bovada currently operates.

Part of the branding strategy was to create excitement and fun. One of the best and most common ways to generate that fun and excitement is using words like free and bonus, Bovada hasn’t veered from this premise. Bovada as it operates as a Casino, Sportsbook and Slot site has various bonus and promotional offers. For example, a $3000 welcome bonus is offered at the casino. The sportsbook has a 50% bonus, so it is safe to say that Bovada is on board with this approach to enticing customers and players.

For the die hard casino customers or the sportsbook lovers, Bovada has options for that too with not only a wide range of games, a variety of playing options but also that bonus just to get the excitement brewing from the start.

One of the primary objectives of Bovada is to bring the Vegas feel, fun and excitement to the player no matter where they are, from slots, to table games to the world of sports betting Bovada begins to separate itself from the pack. They do this in part, not by offering a little bit of everything, but a lot of everything.

The casino just seems like the appropriate place to begin, and it doesn’t matter what that particular casino passion is, it can be found here. The casino is basically divided into five different categories or sections. They have slot games, video poker, 3D games, table games and specialty games.

One of the exciting aspects of the slot section is that there seemingly appears to be new slot games all the time. Slots like the Bulletproof Babes, Arabian Tales and the Golden Gorilla are just a very few of the examples of the fun that the names of these games carry.

There is also a new 100% bonus at the poker tables, and the poker area of Bovada offers guaranteed monies, tournament play and traditional style poker games. As with the other game plays be it sports betting or casino style games, Bovada offers a variety of playing platforms including mobile.

Some of the specialty games include favorites like Bingo and scratch card games. Like all the other gaming sections, there is literally a huge array of gaming choices. All of this is just a small overview of the plethora of fun and exciting games available to players.

Then there is the sportsbook portion of the Bovada gaming site. Nearly any game being played where there is a wager, there are options to get involved at Bovada. If the sport of preference is MMA, Hockey, Tennis, Baseball or Football (and more) Bovada offers live betting, over/under and total score games to mention just some of the betting options with the sportsbook. For those who were wondering, yes there is horse racing also, but there is more to Bovada than just this incredibly wide range of gaming, casino and play options.

Customer support is one area that can be troublesome for some sites. Getting in touch with someone to help “now” can often be a headache, or simply not realistic. Bovada not only has around the clock 24/7 customer support, but they are also available instantly with a simple phone call.

Reliability may be the life blood of online gaming sites, being able to depend on timely and accurate payouts is the reward and the lure of excitement above all else. Few things can take the joy out of the game like having to wait, or worse yet work to get paid for winnings. This has never been an issue for Bovada (again another advantage certainly from their roots in technology and software), and they aren’t only reliable, but fast.

Along with reliability, it is always important as well as being a necessity that the legality of the site and games is assured. Bovada is regulated and operates under the gaming licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Those who are familiar will recognize Kahnawake as one of the commissions who holds a reputation that is well known.

One more thing that should be stated about Bovada is regarding the safety of play. Bovada has games and betting options for the high roller and the average joe. They have rewards programs, reload and welcome bonuses and regular monthly offers, but none of that means anything if the player funds aren’t secure in addition to the players own personal security. Bovada has encryption, DMCA and other security measures in place to ensure player security and peace of mind.

There is actually still more that hasn’t even been discussed here, like Bovada now accepting bitcoin, in addition to the many other deposit and withdrawal options, but there really isn’t enough time to go into every detail of site that has this many attributes. In all fairness, it is difficult to find any significant fault in Bovada, and from the sound of the many customer reviews, there isn’t much to be disappointed in. This is Bovada, and from every appearance they are all about attempting to offer the very best experience to gamers and players everywhere.

The decision in the end will be the players, but beginning with a site that is trusted, secure, backed by experience and technology with a multitude of games and playing options available is probably a pretty good place to start. This is probably where that bonus and welcome rewards program come into play, it does make it a little tempting right?