Betting UEFA League Football Matches

It’s that time of year when we see the start of the Champion League Group Stage start. This start’s the countdown to see if Messi and Barcelona can be the first football team in twenty years to defend the title. No matter your style of football betting this year’s Champions League will be a wild ride!

European Elite
When it comes to betting on soccer in the UEFA the path to the championship often leads with the power players. Those power players just happen to be the past three winners in Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and Real Madrid. Not surprisingly these three are the favorites at the moment with Barcelona (+290), Bayern Munich (+381) and Real Madrid at (+549).

One of the most interesting plots at the top of the pecking order is the repeat attempt by Barcelona. Lead by the outstanding Lionel Messi and partnered with Luis Suarez and Neymar, Barcelona raced to the 2015 title. Barcelona being the favorite this year has to overcome 20 years of defending champs failures. Lionel Messi will just further his claim of greatest of all time with back to back championships.

The Outsiders
Two outsiders that have a chance to make noise if things play out right are Manchester City (+1150) and Chelsea (+944). Manchester is in a unique position with their victory over Chelsea the team from the French capital is starting to feel like they belong among the elite.

Manchester City with its developing talent will need to see if they are ready for the primetime. Manchester City has yet to pass the quarterfinals so a run to a championship would be a cinderella run.

The Sneaky Pick
Of course betting on football isn’t just about picking the eventual champion. There are plenty of opportunities for one to win with betting this year. One team that has been starting to pick up momentum is Sevilla (+113 to Qualify from Group D). The reigning two type Europa League Champion landed in a tough early group including the previously mentioned Manchester City and Juventus. Watch talented players such as Poland Midfielder Grzegorz Krychowiak push the European Elite.

Top Scorer
It should be telling that three of the four favorites for top scorer are from Barcelona (Messi +250, Suarez +800, Neymar +1200). Now think about that when picking the final.

Of course this race is a two-man race between Messi and Ronaldo (+275). The two have one the trophy over the last eight years with Neymar tieing Ronaldo last year as the only other player to capture the title of the top scorer over the past eight years.

The competition to score that the trio of Barcelona brings allows Ronaldo a chance to make the leader of this group at the end.

With UEFA back into swing, you have numerous ways to bet soccer. Sticking to the big three will you provide you a good bet into the finals. Mixing it up during the group stages will allow you to have more action in your season and a better chance tow in a long shot.