Betting on the Largest Sporting Events Around the Globe

Sports betting has always been popular among gamblers, but over the last few years, especially due to the explosion of online casinos and the convenience of placing a wager online, more and more people have started to gamble on their favorite sporting events. When it comes to betting on sports, here are five of the biggest events that draw the most bets from individuals from all over the world, hoping to capitalize on their predictions and win some money.

The Super Bowl
The Super Bowl is the most watched event in the United States, as the majority of people located inside the country, as well as tens of millions of people located all over the world tune in to see the game. Due to the mere fact that so many people are watching the game, mostly also due to the fact that it is a huge social event, huge amounts of bets are placed on the game. Those people that do not bet regularly will often find themselves putting in money on pools, which pay out to whoever has hit the right numbers at the end of certain quarters and the end of the game.

March Madness
Another one of those events that normal people bet on, who do not normally bet on anything is March Madness, which is the main college basketball tournament in the US. Just about every office around the country has various brackets that they fill out and bet on, but each and every game throughout the tournament has massive amounts of people gambling on them.

Major Boxing Events
Although this is not a single, solitary even that takes place each year, major boxing battles have been some of the most anticipated and thus highly bet upon events that take place each year. The recent fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather had an unimaginable amount of people betting on the event and there is a strong history of massive bets being placed during these types of title fights. Boxing is the age old sport to bet on and when two big time fighters get ready to step into the ring, you can guarantee that a ton of people are going to be betting on it.

World Series of Poker Main Event
You may not think that this event would draw a ton of bets, but the sport has grown immensely and there are now huge bets that get thrown down on various players during the main event, especially when the final table gets set. This is something that is ever expanding and the growth of popularity in the sport has taken things to a new level.

The World Cup
Without question, The World Cup is the grandaddy when it comes to sports betting, simply due to the fact that more people watch the World Cup than any other event on the planet and therefore have way more people that are willing to throw out bets. Soccer is without question the world’s sport and the final match of the World Cup deservedly takes its spot as the event that the most people bet on.