Betting on The College Football Playoffs – Who Will Win It All and Why?

The College football regular season came to a close over the weekend and the college football betting season arose with the announcements of the bowl games and the 2nd annual College Football Playoff. The four teams involved this year are (in no particular order): Alabama, Oklahoma, Michigan State and Clemson. All four had outstanding seasons to give them precedence into being invited to participate on College Football’s biggest stage. Oklahoma will face Clemson, while Michigan State will face Alabama. The seeding order #1-#4 is as follows: Clemson, Alabama, Michigan State and Oklahoma.

The seeding benefits Oklahoma the most when it comes to a title run and those looking to cash out on their success.College football betting will be in full swing this season, as the odds-makers have made some pretty generous odds that favor the consumer in the early-going of things. The only team with less-than-favorable odds is Alabama, which is rightfully so deeming their match-up against Michigan State one that is highly overlooked from the get-go. Alabama’s high-powered offense and stellar defense shouldn’t struggle with a Michigan State team who was lucky enough to make it to the finals, let alone receive a seed higher than 4th. Odds-makers have Alabama as a lock to advance on to the championship, so unless you’re willing to take a flyer on a Michigan State team that lacks some key features that they’ve had in the past, avoid betting on those two.

The intrigue comes with college football bets placed on the #1 seed Clemson and the #4 seed Oklahoma. Oklahoma had a great season with their run-and-gun style offense, only losing to a Texas team that hasn’t had their program come together in quite a few years now. Clemson lead their conference and the nation in wins and has yet to give up a game, while defeating many tough conference opponents along their road to success. Both teams become for an intriguing options to win it all. The underdog Oklahoma has odds of 9:4 of winning it all, while Clemson (despite being the #1 seed) has odds of 11:2. Both teams will provide a challenge to one another’s skill sets that has really yet to be tested thus far this season. Both boast high-powered offensive attacks that neither have really had the chance to face this year, aside from Oklahoma whose conference produces plenty of high-power offenses each year. So, despite being an underdog, don’t overlook Oklahoma in this contest.

When placing your college football bets this year, take a flyer on Oklahoma or Clemson. They’ll likely face SEC powerhouse Alabama in the finale, but Alabama has been proven not to be invincible as made evident by their loss to Ole Miss earlier in the season. All teams come in with a full head of steam, none fuller than Clemson having not surrendered a loss this season. So expect some tight games that go down to the wire in each playoff game leading up to the finale. Expert prediction for the championship game and winner: Oklahoma over Alabama 24-17.