Betsson Is A Growing and Popular Online Sports Book

Many people around the world enjoy placing a wager on a club match, professional sporting event, or horse race. Sports books are nothing new. In fact, they are stuff that legends are made of. Betting shops in the United Kingdom and beyond have long been regular fixtures on the business scene. It is easy enough to go out for a bit of shopping and place a bet all at the same time. It has been equally easy to collect any winnings should they occur. This system has worked for well over a century, and it certainly continues to be a popular way to place a wager throughout Europe and beyond. Many people are looking for something more accessible to get involve, and that is where online sports books come into play.

It has been more difficult in recent years to get out to place a physical bet, and many people do not wish to attend the actual event just to fill out a wager slip. For such individuals, the lure of online sports books is quite apparent. Imagine someone who lives in a rural area, for example, who wishes to place a wager or two but the nearest sports book is 100 kilometers away. Or, think about the busy executive who just realized that the latest fixture is just starting and they haven’t found the time to make it down to the corner store to place a wager. In both of these scenarios, and countless others, the online sports book has found its niche and Betsson has emerge as one of the most popular.

Operational Structure and Summary

Betsson is a part of the BML Group, which in turn is owned by Betsson AB. This is a Swedish based gambling organization that has been in operation for more than five decades. The Betsson AB Group is specifically focused on the purchase and further development of gambling related businesses that take place entirely online. Through the years they have evolved to offering traditional book maker odds on nearly every sport in play through the world.

Betsson works in much the same way as a traditional sports book. They take their odds from generally accepted betting organizations, and then they accept wagers from individual customers. Nominal commissions are paid on any winnings, in much that same fashion as that of traditional sports books. Wagers that are won are instantly posted to the user account. Once a minimum amount is on account, clients can request a payout in the form of a check or direct deposit into the users financial institution of choice. Individual who reside in a jurisdiction that permits online sports books, such as Canada and Australia, are welcome to become clients of Betsson.

Current Bonuses and Promotions

Betsson currently has several different promotions and bonuses available to specifically to those interested in the online sports book. One of the more enticing is that a first deposit of 25 Euros will need the customer 50 Euros. No bet has to be placed first, so clients can effectively double their balance before they even lay down their first bet on a match or race. Another current promotion involves the French Open. Customer can take advantage of 25 Euros via a risk free bet on any match through the championship of June 5. Customers of Betsson should look for a similar promotion as Wimbledon begins in June. Another current sports book promotion that customers of Besson might be interested involved European football. During each of the three group stages, a 20 Euro/10 Euro risk free bet is offered. As if that was not enough, if a customer tells Betsson who their favorite for victory in the Euro cup is, then they will get a free risk free bet to lay during the first round of play.


When people go to place a wager at on online sports book, they expect dependable odds and a reputation that is above reproach. Because online gambling does not have the personal interaction that is typically associated with traditional types of sports books, it is important to make up with that by offering superior customer service. That is what customers expect from Betsson, and reviews indicate that this is overwhelmingly the case. Betsson is accessible via telephone, email, and chat. They offer 24/7 support, and they consistently update odds in real time online. Customers can also count on live betting to be available during most matches, and wagers laid will count the instant the bet is placed. This is an expectation that Betsson has built their reputation on, and it is a strategy that appears to have served them well since they took their operation online.

Betsson also offer their clients mobile accessibility, which is a handy feature to have in today’s mobile era. The platform is secure and available on almost any smartphone or tablet assisted device. This enables punters to place a wager on the go, or in the middle of a match as the mood hits. The expectation is that same functionality is available on a mobile device as is available on the desktop computer, and Betsson continues to expand on this technology.

Betsson also delivers in-match live betting for nearly any match that it covers on the sports book. This amounts to well over 100 different sports leagues and individual events around the world at any moment in time. Odds are in line with traditional sports books and are consistently updated in real time. In addition, clients expect prompt payout, and Betsson delivers.


As a company, Bettson openly advocates transparency throughout all of its sports book operations. They have worked hard to gain the confidence of the clients that they serve within the gambling community, so they have quite a few licenses and security protocols in place to safeguard their reputation. To begin, Betsson holds a gaming license in Malta, which is a member of the European Union. This instills the confidence of those looking to place a wager throughout the region. In the addition, the BML Group as a whole is a company that is legally registered in Malta as well. They have compiled a series of licenses dating back to 2009 that gives them access to remote gambling opportunities, such as maintaining their online sports book.

People who are looking for an online sports book should consider giving Betsson a try. At the very least, they offer some appealing new customer promotions and bonuses that can allow those punters still on the fence an opportunity to give it a try. It eliminates much of the guesswork, as visits to a physical location to fill out a wager slip are eliminated. Betsson also offers numerous tools and resources to its customers online in an effort to make the process for more engaging and interactive. Individuals new to the world of sports books will also appreciate the educational guidance given in order to better understand odds and how wagers work. Online gambling is no long in its infancy. Betsson demonstrates that online sports books are innovative and that they have already adapted to meet this growing niche and demand.