Bets to Keep an Eye Out For in the New Year

When it comes to sports betting, everyone wants to find a niche that they can exploit, which will ultimately give them an inherent advantage over their typical chance of winning and this often time’s comes on making accurate predictions down the road. This can come from recognizing that a team is far better than they are currently speculated by the majority of the population, leading to an opportunity to capitalize if bets are placed early. Each and every sport season, across every major sports league has these types of opportunities, but recognizing them is the key to being able to capitalize. Here are some future bets that you may want to consider getting on board with when it comes to online sports betting, as they very well may pay out in the long run.

Bet on the San Francisco 49ers
The 49ers had a horrid off season in the minds of just about every sportscaster and betting outlet, as they lost Frank Gore, Patrick Willis, Justin Smith, Michael Crabtree, Joe Staley, Chris Borland and have since lost super star Aldon Smith, after he ended up picking up multiple criminal charges. On paper, they have been dismantled to such a degree that most of the power rankings sites put them all the way down to the lowly last spot, fully expecting them to have nothing in the tank. However, Colin Kaepernick developed his passing game with Kurt Warner over the off season and is a different player and in all honesty, their running game improved. Carlos Hyde ran for 168 yards in the game opener and Navarro Bowman now appears to be able to take a bigger leadership role on the defense with Patrick Willis gone. The threatening running game the 49ers are bringing is opening up passing lanes for Colin Kaepernick and with a brand new head coach that wants to win by physical football and a rejuvenated staff, watch for the 49ers to blow minds and turn heads this season.

Bet on the Oakland Raiders
Another team from the Bay Area is worth taking a long shot bet on this season. The Raiders have consistently been one of the dogs in the football world, as they have had terrible seasons in recent years, but they have a big chance of turning things around drastically this season. Derek Carr is in his second season and truly has the talent to be an outstanding quarterback. Last year it took him half the season to truly find his bearings and start clicking and when he did, they won three games in a row at home after dropping the previous sixteen games. Aldon Smith and Michael Crabtree have come over from across the bay, bringing in some massive weapons and although they might take a few games to get into a rhythm, they are by far the most talented Raiders roster in a long time. They may be the best sleeper team to bet on and depending on how the next few games go, they may be a great team to put your money on for a big payout.