Bet-At-Home is a sportsbook with years of experience and plenty of options for those that enjoy pairing sports with games. These options include a variety of different games that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home. And Bet-At-Home has the experience necessary that allows them to follow trends and keep up with what is currently the biggest games in the industry.

Bet-At-Home was founded in 1999 in Austria. It was created by Jochen Dickinger and Franz Omer who began the company solely for sports betting. This company has since expanded and exists in Austria, Germany, Malta and Gibraltar. From these locations, they run a very lucrative online business that currently employs 260 employees.

The dedication of these employees has seen the company rise to its current position with over 3 million registered customers. Bet-At-Home has also extended beyond the sports betting that it started out with. They now also offer poker, casino and many other games to its large customer base.

Beyond their work with their many customers, Bet-At-Home also sponsors several different sports teams. The three sports in which they currently sponsor teams includes football, tennis and ice hockey. In football they sponsor Hertha BSC, FC Schalke 04, FK Austria Wien and SV Ried. For tennis they sponsor Generali Ladies Linz. And for ice hockey they are currently sponsoring EHC Black Wings Linz. Since its founding, Bet-At-Home has had a very positive reputation with regards to sponsoring various sports teams.

What is Sports Betting at Bet-At-Home?

Bet-At-Home is known for its sports betting as that is what they focused on when they were founded in 1999. Their take on sports betting is a true testament to exactly how professional this company is. This company has some of the finest bookkeepers that work constantly to bring their customers new and exciting offers around the clock.

The bookkeepers have offers on some of the traditional sports one would expect from a top sports betting company. But they also have offers in areas that are new and unique to help keep things interesting. Some of the traditional sports include football, tennis, volleyball, ice hockey and many other sports. And for their more unique areas, they have offers on areas such as darts, politics, entertainment and many other exciting areas.

The number of different games to choose from is not the only special part of Bet-At-Home. They also have different levels of sports betting for those who are beginners and those who have had experience. The beginners level betting is a simple process where the beginner can place a single bet on the sport of their choice. For those with betting experience, the process can be more complicated and more rewarding. These individuals could place combination bets or even system bets. All of this is set up to help ensure that those who choose to play have the greatest chances of winning and enjoying their experience.

Special Promotions to Make Playing Even More Fun

To make the experience of playing with Bet-At-Home even more exciting, the company offers several promotions on top of the winnings that you are already trying to gain. These promotions are as varied as the different sports available within the sports betting. Some of these promotions offer extra cash if the promotion guidelines are met and some offer prizes that go above and beyond cash prizes.

One of their most unique promotions is called the Bet-At-Home Loft. You can apply to live in this loft and the final winner will gain a trip to Las Vegas and cash to spend while enjoying your getaway. But if such an extravagant game is not to your tastes, there are other promotions currently being offered.

One of the most popular promotions that is currently going on is called Winner of the Day. If you are registered with Bet-At-Home, you are automatically entered into this promotion. Every day they give away money to one of their customers. If the winning customer does not claim their prize that day, it will be added to the next days winnings. That means that if you win, you could potentially win whatever was not claimed in the days before your name was chosen.

While these are two of the more popular promotions that Bet-At-Home is currently running, they are not the only ones. There are several other promotions ongoing and more are added randomly. So while there may be no new promotions this week, you may see a brand new one that you are interested in doing next week.

The Various Methods of Payment

One of the largest concerns many people have with online sports betting is how payments are handled. If you win, you want to be sure that you are getting your money but in a manner that you feel the most comfortable with. It is largely for that reason that Bet-At-Home has so many options available to you.

There are some of the typical methods which include debit and credit cards as well as bank transfers. But this company also works with several other methods. These include PayPal, Skrill, Western Union and many more. No matter what method of payment you feel the most comfortable using, Bet-At-Home has the options available to you.

Legal Concerns and Licensing

It is important to understand what legal steps a company has taken when doing business with them. For an online casino such as Bet-At-Home, that includes knowing what licenses they have to do this form of business. There are several different types of licenses currently held by this company.

Through the country of Malta, they currently have licenses in several areas. These areas include sports betting, casino and poker. These licenses are constantly being reviewed to ensure that Bet-At-Home is adhering to all required security measures.

Beyond the licenses obtained from Malta, they also hold licenses in several other countries. These countries include Italy (for online sports betting and online casinos), the United Kingdom (for online sports betting and online casinos) and Ireland (for sports betting).
Having all of these various licenses from different countries speaks a lot about how serious this company takes the security of their customers. This is evident because each country has different requirements for security measures that must be met before any licenses are given to a company. These security measures must be upheld as well or the company could potentially loose their licenses in one or all of the countries mentioned.

Bet-At-Home is an online casino and sports betting company that has been in business for a number of years. Their overwhelming success and continued expansions is a testament to how well they run their business. This company understands how to make sure their customers are treated fairly and offer a number of promotions to help ensure that their customers maintain their interest.

Beyond the fun promotions, the games that are offered cater to a large number of customers. These include beginners who are just starting out and experts who have a great deal of experience. And beyond catering to many different customers, Bet-At-Home also understands how important the security of their customers is. The security measures that they have taken ensure that you are safe while enjoying your game.