Best players in the NHL who have not Won a Stanley Cup

In every sport, there are always great players who never end up winning the most coveted award. It is just part of the game. It is what makes playing in the league so challenging and winning the ultimate prize so rewarding. From the NFL to Major League Baseball, there are greats who just don’t have that trophy, ring or championship. The same is true in the National Hockey League. While players in the NHL tend to stay around in the league longer, there are still many players who have never and have never won the Stanley Cup. For anyone who likes betting on hockey, this is a fun topic and one that is sure to prove interesting.

Darryl Sittler

Darryl is one of the few players to score double digit points in a single game. His points total record for a single game is likely not going to be passed up any time soon. There are some interesting stories regarding Darryl (which is the case for many different athletes during the 70s), but he is one of the top players to simply never win a cup.

Dale Hawerchuk

Dale once managed to score all eight goals of a young tournament in Montreal, which helped garnish attention from the NHL. He went on to play in the National Hockey League and scored 1,508 points in just 1,285 games. By scoring more than a point per game, it is one of the highest average totals in the history of the NHL, but Dale never had his name etched into the side of Sr. Stanley’s cup.

Adam Oates

Adam Oates has moved on from his playing days to coaching, and still as a coach he has yet to win a Stanley Cup. He is now in the NHL hall of fame as of 2012 thanks to his career with over 1,000 assists. He is one of the top players and passes in the history of the NHL, but history has not yet proved kindly to him with his lack of a championship win. For anyone who enjoys hockey betting, this is sure to prove interesting.

Pat Lafontaine

As another player turned coach, he played in the state of New York for his entire professional career and his 1.17 points per game is the highest point total for any NHL player born in the United States. However, all of these points could not buy him a cup.

Mike Gartner

Mike came close to winning a Stanley Cup. AT lease, he played for the New York Ranges in the early part of the 93/94 season, but was traded to the Maple Leafs. New York went on to win the Stanley Cup that year. He eventually became president of the NHL Player’s Association, but the players association does not hand out Stanley Cup trophies for representing them to the league.

This is a list of just a few of the best NHL players who have never won a Stanley Cup in their playing career.