Best Game Experiences in NCAA Football

NCAA FootballCollege football is a game of traditions. Most of the more prominent teams in the country have been prominent for decades, and with this there are also historical stadiums and activities that go around the events as well. Couple any of these venues with the excitement of online football betting, and you’ve got a true bucket list trip! For anyone who is interested in making a bucket list of teams, stadiums and tailgates to go to, it is difficult to limit it down to just a couple, but here are some venues that any true college football fan needs to visit at some point in their life.


UCLA might not have as much in terms of historical teams as others, but they do play inside the Rosebowl. Going to the Rose Bowl game is unlike anything else, but if those tickets are too pricey, or if heading out on New Years for the bowl game is not an option, simply checking out a Bruins home game is worth the visit. The Rose Bowl is on the list of National Historical Places, which just shows how important the stadium is.


Michigan Stadium, aka The Big House, is the largest stadium inside of the United States outside of raceways. It holds the largest attendance record at over 115,000, and there is just something about seeing this many people in one location. The team runs down the tunnel and slaps the “Go Blue” banner, which is one of the most historical opening events in all of college football. If at all possible, taking in an Ohio State vs. Michigan game is the way to go. ESPN named this rivalry the greatest in all of sports, and that is saying quite a lot given some of the other rivalries out there.

Florida vs. Georgia

This is all about the tailgate held annually in the neutral site of Jacksonville, Florida. It might not be the largest rivalry for either team, but the ability to bring fans together for this tailgate is fantastic. UF us UGA is definitely one of the largest regular-season games in the country each year. It is known as the “World’s Largest Cocktail Party” for a reason. Just make sure to bring your polo and sundress.

Ohio State

The Horseshoe as it is called is where defending National Champions Ohio State calls home. The name of the stadium comes from the shape, although the two once empty corners are almost completely filled in. It is also home to the script Ohio, which is possibly the most prominent pre-game activity that any college football team has.


The simple reason this team/stadium is on the list is because of the “Jump Around” music played after the third quarter. During this time, the entire stadium just jumps up and down. It almost feels as if the stadium is going to shake and collapse, which is what makes it so incredible. Of course, Camp Randall is a great location for a game anyways, so anyone will enjoy the game.

Honorable Mentions

Naturally, everyone can’t make it, but there are some honorable mentions. The Auburn vs. Alabama game is a must, as is a game at Oregon Stadium. It might be small, but it also may be the loudest stadium in the country. Texas A&M is on the list as well, not to mention there is some truly fantastic food served at this tailgate. However, almost any college football game is a new and unique experience.