Barcelona Terminates Hours Old Contract Due To Tweets

Another fascinating buzz in the world of football has just occurred. Barcelona has hit the sport headlines for being one of the few clubs to actualize the shortest contract. The club also hits the headlines as the quickest club to terminate a contract.

After just hours of signing Sergi Guardiola, the club surprisingly announced the termination of the player’s contract on Monday after offensive tweets made by the player back in 2013 resurfaced.

Apparently, the offensive tweets that caused Guardiola a lucrative deal with the Catalans were in strong support of Real Madrid against Barcelona. Guardiola, oblivious of what could come in future didn’t know that one day he will be a Barcelona player, and that is why he decided to send offensive tweets to Barcelona and its players.

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The action which was taken by the club strongly depicts fierce rivalry between Barcelona and real Madrid. Both the two clubs are the big wigs in the Spain la Liga’s title race. Currently, real Madrid has the bragging rights for being the clubs with the most title with 32 tiles in its name. Barcelona follows closely with 23 titles to its name. As those who bet on soccer know, the two clubs usually lock horns in one of the most hyped matches in Europe branded as “El-classsico”.

Whether this was fair to Guardiola or not is debatable. The decision has been made by Barcelona, and there is no relenting on what they have decided to do. However, there is one lesson that is so vague in this incident. As a player, it is probably not prudent to have so radical opinions against other teams that you don’t support or want. No player knows which club they will play for in the future. Perfect example is Guardiola who has caused ripples in the football fraternity for having one of the shortest contracts ever witnessed.

Guardiola’s comments on the action of the club have not surfaced yet. Probably he is too dejected to put on any comment on the club’s decision on his career. Given that the 24- year old recently moved from Alcorcon before moving to Barcelona, he might decide to go back to his former club. After all, he is a talented lad and might attract other lucrative deals from other big clubs if he continues in his current run of form. Maybe, he can be in the next real Madrid squad. Real Madrid is his Childhood club. It also cost him a job at Barcelona. What a shame.