2016 Will Be a Great Year for Andy Murray

Andy Murray, the world number two in Novak Djokovic will become a father soon. The famous tennis player cherishes this more than any other achievement in his entire life. 2016 will definitely be a very special year for the Murray family. Apart from getting a new member, it’s evident that the star will be getting bigger trophies too.

Andy Murray completed the Davis Cup year several weeks ago. The results were perfect, and the game ended with him as the winner. Murray was able to get the trophy back to his people. The trophy had been away since 1980s.

Winning the famous trophy was one of Murray’s major targets for the year 2015. He was happy to accomplish his mission, he was also able to beat a very fine player in the game, David Goffin. The shots were the best.

Place Your Bets and Cheer on Andy Murray This Season!

The kind of feeling someone gets from such achievements can last for a very long time. Novak Djokovic got this kind of success when he played against Serbia during the Davis Cup. This happened in 2010, and the achievement made him get the best year in tennis. After winning, he was able to win several matches and didn’t lose a single match up to semi-finals during the French open. He however won the rest grand slam titles. Things were even better for the star last year. He managed to get to all the finals, wining the major three. Many people wonder if Andy can manage to do a Novak. This might be asking too much, but 2016 will be a major year for the star.

Andy Murray has been a focus of those gambling on tennis for some time now. Over two years ago, he managed to win two Slam titles. The game has been good since then, and the star has switches coaches and even had a back surgery. 2015 was a normal year for him, winning 4 trophies and competing a lot for the main prizes.

Murray is set to go to 2016 with more spring. The Australian Open second seed is on, and in two weeks, the competition will start. The completion will be happening in Melbourne. Novak will not be in the competition until the finals, and this is good news for Murray because he won’t face a lot of challenges.

2015 was good to the Scot. The year actually ended in a better way than it started. After betting on tennis for years, he was named the sixth internationally. In January, he managed to do very well in Melbourne during the premier Grand Slam. He was able to get to the fourth Australian Open finals.

The year’s performance improved gradually, becoming one that managed to get away. There was a break up during the third set that was played against Djokovic. Murray didn’t do very well, and he lost 12 of the 13 games that were played in the finals. This was a collapse, but it did not affect a lot in his season, and things turned to be more consistent during the tour.