2015 NHL Playoff Projections

Stanley CupOnce again we are back in playoff season and 2015 is already shaking up even the most confident fan. In the following guide we will go over our NHL playoff predictions for the next few rounds. We will also examine some key players and tell you who is probably going to make the biggest difference for each time – just in case you are the type that likes to bet on hockey. Finally we will present our prediction for the Stanley Cup Finals and who will be holding the Stanley Cup high at the end of the finals.

There are a couple of different teams that are likely to make it deep into the 16 team field and you should be following their matchups closely. Here is a quick breakdown of the three most important matchups right now and how they can help improve your online NHL betting.

New York Rangers vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

This is one of the most hotly anticipated playoff matches this year. The New York Rangers won the President’s Trophy last year and the Penguins are going after that same trophy this year. This means that both teams are relatively balanced and they are both serious contenders for the Stanley Cup. You can expect a very high scoring series- the Penguins are going to be starting both of their offensive powerhouses – Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby. The Rangers have their own hitter with Rick Nash on offense but many pundits think that this game is going to hinge on legendary Rangers goalkeeper Henrik Lundqvist.

St. Louis Blues vs. Minnesota Wild

These two teams are also both very possible Stanley Cup winners and they prove once more that the 2015 Western Conference is one of the toughest in the past ten years. In contrast to the Penguins/Rangers series these two teams are very defensive minded. This means that instead of wild shots and high scoring games we will be seeing some amazing goalie gymnastics and games coming down to the wire. In fact in the regular season both teams combined only allowed 201 goals which is phenomenally low. Right now the Minnesota Wild are a slight favorite simply due to their away record. Both teams are more than capable of winning at home but the 2014-2015 Wild have been exceptional on the road. Look for the Minnesota Wild’s star goalie Devan Dubnyk to determine the outcome of this exciting series.

Nashville Predators vs. Chicago Blackhawks

This is probably the most lopsided of the premier matches. The Chicago Blackhawks are arguably this year’s offensive powerhouse and dominated both at home and away. The Nashville Predators on the other hand are very much a journeyman team. While they have a chance to take the series, the majority of NHL betting money probably goes to Chicago. Regardless both teams are heavy hitters in the Central division and the Predators are aiming for their first ever Stanley Cup win and as we all know desperation and desire can mean a lot in this game. Typically the offense takes the game and in the case of the Chicago Blackhawks possibly even the cup- they are that good.

Who will take it all?

The hands down favorite to win the cup this year are the New York Rangers. They have a great mix of veteran hands alongside a good amount of new and hungry blood. They have been absolutely dominant this season and managed to get out of the regular season with minimal injuries. You can expect the Stanley Cup to spend the next year in New York.