2015 NCAA Football Playoff Projections

College Football PlayoffCollege football is not necessarily a game of surprises. The surprises that people get from the game are few and far between. This is an easy thing to bet on if gamblers want to make a little extra money. College football betting is an easy thing to do for the new college football playoff, and the online football betting that people do is going to allow them to make money from simple math that they can do in their heads.

Ohio State

As the defending National Champion with tons of depth at QB, it would be hard for someone to think that Ohio State will not make the playoff. The team is returning three quarterbacks that could all make it to the title game again, and they have more talent than everyone else in America. They are simply reloading for another chase of the title.


Alabama will reload for another season with all the talent that did not go to Ohio State. The teams at Alabama are supremely coached, and they do not do well with losing. This is the kind of team that can make it right back to the playoff because they know how to play well in the clutch.


Auburn is gaining quite a bit of traction on Alabama, and they are making online football betting much easier for players. Sticking with the SEC is always an easy bet, and it makes college football betting simple for people who pay attention to the game itself. The players who know what have happened in the past tend to do much better than those that are not following the games, and the players who understand the history of these games tend to place better bets. They know that Auburn can beat Alabama, and they know Auburn has been very close to winning a title very recently.


There is no reason to believe that Oregon is going to miss the playoff. The playoff is a place where the best teams tend to rise to the occasion at the last minute. There are many teams that might compete against Oregon, but Oregon is just more talented than these other teams. Stanford, USC, UCLA and Washington are simply not prepared for the kind of talent that Oregon has on the roster.

Sticking with what is known already makes it much easier to place bets on games and teams that are going to impact the college football playoff in the future. Every single person placing a bet on these games is going to fall back on what they know, and this information is typically very good.