2015 NBA Finals Predictions

NBA PlayoffsThe NBA playoffs are an interesting time for people that like watch the games because there are some upsets. Teams that may not have been expected to advance past the first round can often pull off miracles and move to the next level.

Cleveland Cavaliers

When it comes to teams in the east the Cleveland Cavaliers have risen to the occasion. With LeBron James in the driver’s seat it is easy to see the Cleveland Cavaliers as a big contender in the playoffs. There are many young players here, but LeBron has won 2 championships with Miami. This sets him in place to be a mentor for the inexperience playoff teammates on this team. With 53 wins during the regular season there are only 4 other teams that have won more games than the Cavaliers. Fans that engage in NBA betting are picking this team because there is a synergy between the team members. After getting a 2-0 start against the Boston Celtics in the first round this team has been set in position as one of the teams to beat.

Atlanta Hawks

At one time during the regular season the Atlanta Hawks were not losing many games at all. Many players off the bench contributed to this winning streak. This is one reason that many fans have started NBA betting pools with the Atlanta Hawks as a team to win the entire championship this year. Teams that do not have to rely solely on their starting 5 will often have a better chance of making it to the finals. The Atlanta Hawks have multiple players that can score so they don’t have to worry about players getting in foul trouble. The Atlanta Hawks are the number 1 seed in the east so lots of fans have picked this team to win.

The LA Clippers

There are multiple teams in Los Angeles, but the LA Clippers seem to be the team to watch this year. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin have been scoring more than half the points in many big games for the Clippers. This team has a real chance to come out of the west as finalists and champions as long as Chris Paul and Blake Griffin stay healthy. This team has won a lot games during the regular season, and the two dominant front men – Paul and Griffin – have helped the LA Clippers win 56 games during the regular season.

The Golden State Warriors

Another team in the west that has managed to become one of the most talked about teams for the playoffs is the Golden State Warriors. This group won 67 games during the regular season with only 15 losses.

The Golden State Warriors are the number 1 seed in the west. The team has not been in this position since 1976. This is a clear cut indication of the difference in this team. They are 2-0 against the New Orleans Pelicans in the first round of the playoffs. After beating this team by 10 point in the second game there is still a strong feeling by many fans that this team may continue strong towards the finals.