2015 Heisman Trophy Favorites

While the 2015 college football season has just gotten off to start, there are at least a handful of players that are already creeping up into the minds of the voters. It’s far too early to judge an entire season and an entire body of work when some teams haven’t logged a few full games under their belts yet, but it’s never too early to start paying attention to the big fellas and get the chance to project who will be raising the Heisman Trophy this spring. The Heisman Trophy odds might be a little bit too far out to pinpoint yet, but when it comes to college football bets, these are the guys you need to keep your eyes on.

Cardale Jones, Quarterback, Ohio State

Not only did he come off of the bench with ice in his veins to silence the nation as the Buckeyes of Columbus stood toe to toe against Alabama, but he also proved to be the best quarterback on a roster that has potentially three nfl quality signal callers on it. Cardale may be a little young to be looked at seriously, but if he can just do his job, he’s too big (and so is his arm) to fly under the radar.

Braxton Miller, All Purpose Back, Ohio State

Without giving too much love to the Buckeyes, they happen to be the defending national champions and Urban Meyer brought in some talent. Braxton makes betting on college football fun, as a guy who should have come back as a quarterback and was rumored to transfer out actually ends up being the all purpose ace in the mold of an Antwaan Randle El / Hines Ward / Julian Edelman who can play quarterback but also has the athleticism to line up anywhere and make plays everywhere.

Derrick Henry, Running Back, Alabama

While it might seem like betting on college football is difficult for some, when it comes to betting on college running backs coming out of Alabama, there is no question you take that bet. Henry is just the latest in Nick Saban’s line of “hit the hole and go” backs, and his athleticism is on pace to churn out more than 35 touchdowns this season. If he gets half of that, he very well could be raising the Heisman Trophy come springtime.

Cody Kessler, Quarterback, USC

Thinking of quarterbacks coming out of Southern California, you can’t help but think the Heisman trophy odds are in Kessler’s favor. However, the Pac 12 has never been as deep as it is now, and he has a struggle in front of him each and every week. This isn’t Pete Carroll’s USC when it comes to loaded talent, but it does still have enough talent and consistency to make a run down the stretch. Make no mistake, your college football bets should be on this young man to be at the ceremony as long as he keeps playing intelligent and consistent football. As long as he leads his offense to be productive, the benefit of the doubt will be given to any quarterback from Southern Cal that can put up the numbers.