10Bet Planning on Making Moves in the UK

Sports Betting 210Bet Setting Its Sights High

Gambling in the UK is set to turn a new leaf with the growth of the sports betting company 10Bet. 10Bet has been in the betting industry for some time. Now it has shifted its focus to growth. With the steady growth, UK is set to see the largest sports betting company yet. But how is the company planning to achieve this feat? In the past 10Bet has managed to grow by making numerous acquisitions of similar online sports betting companies. The acquisitions have seen it take a sizeable proportion of the sport’s betting industry in the UK. But it is the new offline strategy that is going to give the company the lion’s share. While the online strategy places an emphasis on advertising on the internet to avid gamblers, offline betting focuses on non-internet based ways of advertising.

The first channel that the company aims to use is television. The change of laws related to gambling advertising on televisions in 2005 heralded the use of this medium. Betting advertisements have increased almost ten-fold since the new regulations were fully enforced in 2007. 10Bet aims to tap into this growth. The new medium will see the company attract novice gamblers, therefore, tremendously increase their customer base. TV channels that are going to carry the company’s adverts are Eurosport and ITV4 among others.

Radio is another medium of advertising that the company will focus on. This medium is also set to bring in more novice gamblers. 10Bet hopes that once one has placed a bet for the first time, they will become a regular client.

The company aims to promote its in-play and live events method that they have been using online. The strategy is pretty simple. In between live games, the gambler who is watching the game via television, online or listening to the broadcast on radio is compelled to bet on the team they think will win. The same is also done for live events like horse racing. This method has a distinct advantage. The customer is already rooting for one team, so it is easy to convince them to place a bet. They are also likely to place a larger bet to prove a point to the fans of the rival team. 10Bet is poised therefore to get huge returns from testing out techniques that have worked for them previously on new ground. Jump and AMS media are the agencies tasked with polishing the process for 10Bet.

So is the offline strategy going to catapult 10Bet to the top of UK’s sports betting companies? As the company alludes, it will take a lot of aggressiveness in addition to creativity. The company aims to make only decisions that are effective. It would be foolhardy to waste resources in a bid to grow your customer base and then fail. Whether this strategy is the one push, which will enable the company to monopolize the industry remains to be seen. Based on the company’s consistent growth in the past few years, however, we can safely say that a win is imminent.