Skillz and the world of eSports

SkillzCEO of Skillz, Andrew Paradise is out to prove that casual games have the potential to be just as the hardcore eSports. Over the past few years, competitive gaming as well as the ever growing eSports industry has been gaining the attention of the gaming world. Super Evil Megacorp often seems to be the poster child for the eSports for mobile phones that still has the same appeal to the hardcore group of individuals that follow eSports such as Riot Games. Skillz is unlike these companies in the fact that it specializes in organizing and planning eSports mobile tournaments, and maintains the casual games that have the potential to be just as popular, with a growing potential for the market.

In the past eSports has seemed to get lost in the shadow of PC or console titles because mobile games have not been in existence. Just as PC, in the early stages of Mobile, the technology was not available as it is today. Through today’s technology, eSports is almost to were it mirrors a world of physical sports. This includes sports such as American football, running, and hardcore athletes such as everything between an NFL player to an Olympic sprinter. While physical games are complex and competitive, the world of eSports is no different, from the most casual games such as FPS, to the exciting world of bubble poppers that have earned a living in playing a games that are considered casual.

The question was also raised if touch screen controls on a smart phone or tablet has what it takes to accommodate the level of skill required. While it is true that touch screen’s do have limitations, this is also true with any device used for gaming. And if the screen is smaller, through time and effort, most of these games will work on any type of device. And with mobile devices continue to have bigger screens the lines between a PC and mobile devices are beginning to blur. It was also in question that if eSports is thriving for being a spectator event, obviously you can’t cram a bunch of people around the screen of a mobile device, how do the developers of these games of widespread viewing such as League of Legends enjoy.

An infrastructure for this type of viewing is developing at a rapid pace that is used to create a better experience for millions of eSport fans all over the world. In eSports, two of the biggest barriers that they have overcome in development is the hardware and the data connectivity. Within the last year Skillz has awarded 20 cent of eSports prizes to the mobile gamers population.