Casino ESports to take Center Stage in Vegas

The SLS Casino & Resorts in Las Vegas will be hosting one of the most anticipated gambling and gaming events from October 25th to October 26th, 2016. The event is overseen by Narus Advisors, who aims to unite industry professionals from the casino industry and esports industry. Unknown to many potential gamblers, gambling in esports is becoming one of the hottest trends in the industry. Typically, esports involves betting on the computer gaming competitions where large number of competitors compete in online environment backed by thousands of spectators in one of the largest sports arenas in the country.

Esports to take Center Stage

Recently, the mainstream media has started to publicize these events. As a result, major sponsors of esports include corporations such as ESPN and celebrities involving Shaquille O’Neal and Mark Cuban. According to the well-known research firm NewZoo, esports will attract $23.5 billion in gambling bets by 2020. Also, the popularity of esports can be gauged by the fact that its major events, including League of Legends, already attracted more bets than total bets for the European Champions League tournament.

To bank on the opportunity, Narus Advisors are keen to establish a relationship between the two industry. According to Chris Grove, a partner at Narus Advisors, claimed that studies done on the feasibility of the event indicates that nearly 54% of the industry respondents view the event as either effective or incredibly effective in making gambling fans collaborate with esports offerings. Also, nearly 81 percent of the industry respondents agreed that regional casinos in Las Vegas should hold esports events. Until now, major esports events are held in famous sports arenas and conference centers across the United States. Therefore, the objective of the two-day event is to assist executives in the casinos to establish an entry point in the esports market. Chris also claimed that most decision-makers are unsure about the practical entry points, which makes it difficult for them to adapt esports gambling.

The event will hold multiple sessions in the two-day event. These sessions will feature leading esports and casino industry experts who have broad experience in both sectors. The educational seminars include the introduction of the esports industry and the wide range of esports gambling products for the casino developers. Also, useful content for executive also includes important demographic information on the esports fan and how casinos can attract esports fan who like to gamble. Similarly, the event will also cover numerous investment opportunities in the sector and practical strategies for casinos to entice average gamblers to bet on esports.

The event is marketed as “Esports and Casino Resorts”, and it will attract some of the most influential names in esports including Dr. Brett Abarbanel, Manny Anekal, and Steve Arhancet, among others. The event organizers are upbeat on holding the event as they aim to attract a large crowd. Seth Schorr, CEO of the Downtown Grand Casino, will also be one of the speakers at the event. When interviewed, he showed excitement by declaring that the opportunities presented in the event are just the tip of the iceberg.