Sky Betting Review

The right sportsbook is an absolute must for any player hoping to win money at online wagering. Placing a bet with a customer-friendly, well-established sportsbook is the key to a successful experience. Sky Betting App is one of the top sportsbooks in the world. The service has a lot of great benefits that should appeal to those looking to find the right venue in which to deposit their money and make careful wagers.

Sky Betting App UK

Sky Bet, makers of the Sky Betting App is based out of the United Kingdom and is owned by the media giant Sky. Sky owns scores of gambling enterprises and its sportsbook is one of the more popular ones in the U.K. and around the world. Sky Bet was founded in 2001 and has grown immensely in popularity. The number of people interested in placing wagers on sports who prefer using Sky Bet to play wagers is among the highest. Sky Bet truly leaves scores of its competitors in the proverbial dust.

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Generally, wagers are made through the online platform via a laptop or a personal computer. It is possible to make wagers on the go as access via tablets and other mobile devices. The mobile platform is an exceptional one and has no lags or other problems.

Playtech is the company that produced the software for the sportsbook and other gaming venues run by Sky Bet. Playtech has designed a number of exceptional games and platforms over the years. The company has won numerous industry awards. The presence of the Playtech name is a huge positive and gamblers should not overlook it.

The betting platform is also extremely easy to use and navigate. Players who wish to select a sport or event and place a wager are not likely interested in jumping through a number of hopes or struggling with tons of steps. Sky Bet realizes customers are looking for simplicity and, through working with Playtech, they have provided an outstanding platform free of hassles.

The selection of sports to choose from is wildly impressive as well. The two top sports that players seem to enjoy the most are horse racing and football (soccer). The array of different horse races and international football leagues players can choose from are vast. While these two sports are (deservedly) highly popular, they are not the only ones available to players.

All the top American sports such as baseball, basketball, ice hockey, NFL football, auto racing and more are listed on the sportsbooks’ website. So are sports popular on an international level such as cricket, volleyball, rugby, snooker, and more. Solo sports along the lines of boxing and tennis may be wagered on. Most interesting, wagers on virtual sports are accepted. Not all sportsbooks accept wagers for virtual sports, which is unfortunate. Virtual sports are extremely popular with younger persons and the virtual sports industry is growing immensely. The Sky Bet sportsbook willingly takes virtual sports bets, and this is a very positive thing.

Another unique trait is available for those who do enjoy playing the two favorite chosen sports of players, football and horse racing. Through Sky Bet Tracker, there is a “cash out” option for certain football and horse racing wagers. Through the Sky Bet Tracker, live, real-time statistics are available. Additionally, live bet updates may be reviewed on various devices.

The customer service system set up by Sky Bet is excellent. There are three ways of contacting the professionals working for the customer service division. Phone, email, and live chat are available. Actually, there is a fourth method. Customers are allowed to send “snail mail” letters to the company, although this would be a rather slow method.

These customer service options are accessible anytime of the day or evening. Access of this nature is important since people are placing wagers at all times of the day and evening.

Sky Betting App Bonus

Customers of online sportsbooks and casinos always look for great bonuses and promotional deals. Sky Bet has done a wonderful job of devising a number of excellent bonuses. The bonus money served by the casino may end up being utilized to place a host of winning wagers. Win, lose, or draw, the wagers are decidedly less risky when the funds used to place the bets are made with free bonus funds.

New customers have a great reason to sign up with Sky Bet. With a first deposit, up to £30 will be matched. That means for a £10 deposit, £10 will be matched putting £20 in the account. For an initial deposit of £300, the maximum of £30 will be added for a total of £330.

The initial deposit bonus is absolutely not the only promotional offer made to members. Signing up for the “Sky Bet Free Bet Club” opens the door to acquire three free bets on a weekly basis. As is the case with all other free bets, the chances of winning big (or simply winning) with the bonus funds is a possibility. There are just some basic steps that have to be followed to acquire these bonus. Prior to midnight on a Sunday, a minimum bet of £5 must be made in order to receive credit for a £5 free bet that can be placed as early as Monday.

A VIP program exists as well and those who enjoy placing wagers on the sportsbook regularly absolutely are going to be thrilled to take advantage of the deal. Why not look towards a rewards program when you are consistently playing at the sportsbook? Obviously, there are going to be specific requirements to the VIP club. Please read all rules and requirements associated with the rewards program.

Anyone interested in betting with Sky Bet needs to open a free account and register a means of payment. The three means of payment include e-wallet, credit cards, and debit cards. Some may wonder why a “free” account requires the registering of a payment method. For one, the payment methods establish the identity of the person opening the account. Additionally, there needs to be a means of making a deposit into the account when the time comes to place wagers. No fees, however, are charged to open or maintain an account. In other words, there are no monthly fees.

Debit and credit cards along with e-wallet are acceptable for making deposits, but they are not the only means in which funds can be put into an account. Paypal and a host of other payment services are approved by Sky Bet. This allows for a great deal of flexibility on the part of the player to transfer money into and out of an account.

Deposits happen quickly, but there will be slight delays on withdraws as time is necessary to process the request. The processing times are not excessive and will be completed as quickly as possible.

Overall, Sky Bet is a well run company capable of delivering to its customers what they expect. Those interested in a solid sportsbook may find Sky Bet the right choice for their favorite wagering adventures.

Sky Bet is licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. Both of these entities are credible ones and have established their legitimacy over the years through affiliations with other entities.