The Best Players in Women’s Golf

lpgaThe history of women’s golf has been around for centuries. For the past 150 years, not only have female golf players been rising in numbers but have also become increasingly popular to watch. Golf has been a Sport in the United States since the 1800s. Even more recently in 1867, golf became a sport played by women in Scotland. The first exclusively women’s club was called The Ladies’ Club of St. Andrew’s. By 1894, the women’s first golf tournament was held in New Jersey. Most importantly, the Ladies’ Professional Golf Association (LPGA) was formed in 1950 which was funded enough to give 50,000 dollars as the first place cash prize. The top five women’s gold players are as following:

1)Suzann Peterson
2)Brittany Lang
3)Mariajo Uribe
4)Minjee Lee
5)So Yeon Ryu

One of the perpetual favorites among women’s golf bets is Suzann Peterson, a Norwegian superstar. She has been playing the game since she was six years old and is now at number one in the overall world rankings. With a driving accuracy of 76 percent, she is the one to watch playing golf. She has played 33 rounds with a average driving distance of 260.58. Her most recent golfing activity was in 2013 when she won her division at the Evian Championship.

Brittany Lang has been ranked number two as the best female to watch playing golf. This American has a 66 percent driving accuracy as well as a average driving distance of 261.08. Since she was 9 she has played and loved the game golf. In present day she has multiple wins under her belt. With online golf betting, she is the one to bet for in online golf betting. Her win victory as being the 2012 Manulife Financial LPGA Classics has put her on the map for online golf better as being the female to vote for.

Mariajo Uribe is third on the leadership board. Uribe has a driving accuracy of about 69 percent and has the average driving distance of 260.07. Since she was nine years old, she has loved the game of golf. In present day she has her own foundation which helps children and teenagers with after school programs. Her most recent accomplishments were in 2014 when with 26 events and 18 cuts, she made 385,313 dollars.

The number four female on the list is Minjee Lee. Lee has a driving accuracy of 74 percent and has a average driving distance of 263.42. With this in mind, her scoring average has been a whopping 71.19. Women’s golf bets will be betting on her because of her most recent accomplishment. She was the victor at the 2015 Kingsmill Championship. She has only been professional four one year, yet has already had so many accomplishment. Lee is for sure rising through the ranks and deserves her title on the leadership board.

Coming in at number five is Korean female golf player, So Yeon Ryu. Ryu has a driving accuracy of about 77.57 percent and an average driving distance of 253.69. One of her most recent victories was in 2012 at the Jamie Farr Toledo Classic. In 2012 she was also awarded the Louise Suggs Rookie of the year. As an amateur from 2005-2007 she was s member of the Korean National Golf Team where she also won one gold medal for Korea.